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A hero image which showcases a Simonds home with a dreamcourts basketball court. Overlayed is the text 'Dreamcourts. Dream it. Quote it. Own it. Hoop dreams start here.'


Case study

Whilst working at Strange Animals, I designed and developed a campaign page for Simonds Homes, partnered with Dreamcourts and The NBA. This was developed with tailwindcss and vue.js

Discovery Phase


I began this rapid project with wireframes, sprinting through a set of mobile and desktop high fidelity wireframes

Design Phase


Once wireframes were signed off, I commenced the design phase, rapidly building out the design in figma.

Development phase

Core development

Going into development, I had to add the page as a new route in a larger single page application built in vue. I commenced building out the page in tailwindcss, my first time using the css framework.

Visit the DreamCourts website