A photo of an iPad being held with the fiftyfitness website on it.


Case study

Whilst freelancing, I teamed up with a personal trainer to design and develop a website for a PT that specialises in fitness over 50.

A sketch of the FiftyFitness logo

A Brand

As part of the initial stages of crafting a new personal trainer business, I was tasked with spending a short amount of time crafting a brand strategy and identity for FiftyFitness.

A photo of the header of the FiftyFitness services web page.

A Website Design

Once a brand look & feel was settled upon, I commenced designing the site structure and design, laying out exactly what the final website will look like in a mockup.

A photo of the contact page on the FiftyFitness website.

A Bespoke Website

To develop the website I sprinted a static build using npm, webpack and tailwind to develop a series of static pages. Shortly afterwards I integrated them into Wordpress CMS, using ACF Pro to build a flexible content panel matrix.