A mobile mockup of the Simbook app on a red background


Case study

Simbook is a web application built for Simonds Homes by Strange Animals. Whilst working at Strange Animals I was responsible for the project management, discovery, design and development of this project.

3 mobile mockups of the mobile wireframes of simbook in figma


Discovery Phase

Post discovery I commenced work on wireframing the application in figma. I started with a series of low fidelity wireframes then moved onto designing the full application with high fidelity wireframes.

2 screenshots of the mobile designs of simbook in figma

Final Designs

Design Phase

Once wireframes were signed off I commenced applying a skin to the already highly detailed wireframes. This involved applying brand colours, typography and patterns to the UI, as well as bringing in supportive graphics.

A screenshot of the craft cms backend with various fields listed.

Data Mapping

Development Phase

Once designs were signed off, I commenced data mapping and preparing the project. This involved preparing a new repository, installing a fresh version of Craft CMS and mapping out the backend system with what panels and fields I intended to use. Once the core back-end was in place and up on production, I was able to move onto core front-end development.

A macbook mockup of the simbook app on desktop

Core Development

Development Phase

With a solid back-end framework in place, I was then able to take the panels I had developed and integrate the designs I had done. The core development of this project involved implementing the interface that I had designed into various core pages such as the homepage, activity page and stage page.