A photo of two mobile phones, one with a mockup of the Simonds Explore website.

The Block

Case study

Whilst working at Strange Animals, I worked with Simonds Homes to develop a landing page for The Block, in partnership with Channel 9.

Shot down

Design direction

Final designs are not always final designs, as I found out. Much to my displeasure, the usage of the darker foliage was incorrect, meaning I had to use a lighter approach.

A photo of the cards from the block hero carousel, with the first slide saying 'Welcome'.

Extensive JS

To develop the hero carousel, I needed to develop a carousel slider that used multiple instances of carousels, connected to each other, and hooked up to pagination buttons and a progress bar.

Reusable Panels

Craft CMS allows us to develop an extensive template where users can drag and drop custom built panels around the page.

Check out the website

Visit the The Block website