A desktop mockup of a design for Young Professionals, a campaign by Simonds Homes. This design was never developed and was only a design concept

Young Professionals

Case study

Whilst working at Strange Animals I did a redesign for a campaign called Young Professionals. I spent some of my own free time concepting this design which I felt was more appropriate for a younger target audience.

Mobile wireframes of the young professionals homepage


Discovery Phase

I commenced the redesign of young professionals with wireframes as usual, designing mobile first with exclusive mobile wireframes.

The desktop layout design of young professionals

Grid Layout

Playing with

When bringing the wireframes into the design phase, I played around with grid and exploded grid in figma.

A photo with 3 mobile mockups of the young professional designs

Bespoke Design

I played around with a modern grid system and colour palette whilst maintaining good UX and accessibility.

The final mobile designs done for young professionals, reflected on the live site

Final Design

Client signoff

After sending the final designs to the client for sign off, they chose to go with an alternative approach which was on brand and similar to the previous iteration of the design.

A desktop mockup of the final young professionals page, fully developed


Core development

Taking the final designs, I commenced building it out into the Simonds Explore website as an extension of the main site. Using tailwindcss and craft cms, I built it out in a rapid sprint.